Case study 2: Wakefield – Biomass
Case study 2: Wakefield – Biomass

Location: Wakefield

Customer: Mrs White

Technology Summary: Viessmann Vitoligno Biomass Boiler

Matrix Energy Systems carried out Heat Loading calculations and provided a Return On Investment report for Mrs White comparing her previous oil boiler to the new renewable technologies on the market, we took into account the cost of equipment, fuel, and payback from the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive).

After providing impartial advice, we were instructed to install a biomass boiler and change the previous vented heating system to an unvented system adding extra zones to achieve higher efficiencies. We decommissioned the oil boiler along with the old oil tank, and built a garden shed style building around the new pellet store to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

We arranged removal of the oil tank, along with delivery of the biomass pellets, and once the installation was commissioned we provided an Energy Performance Certificate by undertaking a Domestic Energy Assessment and Green Deal Assessment, which are both required in order to claim the RHI.

In the 5 months since the installation, savings in fuel have increased by 50% and Mrs White is considering having Solar Thermal installed once she has received her first year’s instalments from the RHI, which will provide her with free hot water for many months of the year.




Mrs White was heating her home with an oil fired system; due to the old inefficient boiler and ever increasing cost of oil, the yearly cost of space and water heating was considerable. We analysed Mrs White’s house hold energy consumption, thermal construction and location. From the analysis conducted a Biomass Heating system made perfect sense.


Mrs White was pleased with the analysis, system design, planning and financial information presented, deciding that indeed a Biomass Heating system was a good option. After Mrs White gave the project the go ahead we installed the biomass boiler and required ancillary’s, after commissioning, certification and energy assessment Mrs White saves approximately 50 % on her annual heating bill and will receive 12.2 p for every unit (kWh) of renewable heat produced; with the tariff lasting 7 years heating has turned form expensive to exciting.